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Inclusive Package

Cardiff Legal offers an Inclusive Package for Businesses requiring ongoing or regular legal support. Clients will receive the following benefits:

Good Value?

In addition to the benefits described above, this chart illustrates our competetive rates, comparing the typical "high street" rate with our normal rate and our discounted rate, showing a possible 70% saving.

   Services    High Street Rate*    Cardiff Legal Rate    Inclusive Package Rate    Minimum Saving**
   Legal Advice
   £150 - £500 / hr    £65 / hr    £50 / hr     £100+ / hr
   Adjudication Claims    £150 - £500 / hr    £65 / hr    £50 / hr     £100+ / hr
   Mediation    £100 - £500 / hr   £100 / hr***    £75 / hr     £25+ / hr
   Settlements & Negotiation    £150 - £500 / hr    £100 / hr    £75 / hr     £75+ / hr

How does it all work?

For £30 per month, hundreds of pounds may be saved in ongoing legal costs. It is best value for start-ups, consumer focussed businesses, regular contractors such as Builders and Tradesmen and consultancy based businesses. The savings and benefits quickly outweight the package cost. There's no limit, within a year of purchase, to the number of times these discounted services can be utilised.

Simply Contact Us via our contact form or through social media. Provide your details and we will get in touch with more information, including how to access premium resources such as online documents and guidance. Clients can immediately utilise the benefits, after taking the package. We permit cancellation of the package, within 7 days of payment, via email or letter.

Cardiff Legal carries Professional Indemnity insurance and operates a Client Charter. Further details can be found on our Client Information page.

ªCustom Packages such as Training and the E-Commerce Package are not included;  *Based on Band A guideline hourly rates for 2010 - Publication of 2010 Hourly Guideline Rates for Solicitors; **Compared to the High Street guideline rate; ***Estimated costs - Final cost dependent on specific client requirements. Quote provided on request. See Rates for more information.

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